Divorce feels lighter. It’s like something in the cosmic fabric just clicked and unhinged and it’s all going to be ok.

A good friend of mine is leaving her husband later this week. She’s been planning it for months and hasn’t told him yet. She said he’ll just wake up and she’ll be gone. She thinks it’s best that way. She bought a nonrefundable plane ticket and is moving thousands of miles away and never coming back.

She’s not leaving for a new boyfriend, or family, or a new job – none of the obvious reason. She just feels this is something she has to do and somewhere she has to be.

I was over her house this morning and she was pretty upset, the reality and nearness of the day finally getting to her. I said you know I really think you ought to tell him.

Her husband’s a sweetie. To look at them and their lives, you’d think they were the happiest couple. Gatsyby-esque. Actually, a few years ago I would’ve been even more shocked, but if these past few years have taught me anything, it’s that you never know what goes on behind the closed doors of other peoples’ lives.

My own divorce/separation is certainly one of the more gracefully drawn out ones. We’ve been working on the logistics of it for about a year, and now we’ll be roommates in our house for probably another year.

I’d rather do it the way we’re doing it. But frankly, maybe she’s on to something. Maybe that’s the cleanest. Cut. Run. Start over. I dunno. I just really hope she tells her husband.