Today we saged the house to give it good vibes – positive energy.


I had bought the sage yesterday, then got home and saw the instructions were very complicated. I also realized I probably wasn’t adequately prepared for what must be done. According to the instructions, I would also need a candle, a feather to fan the smoke, and specially chosen scented oil to dress the candle.

So it was back to the New Age store today. Sure enough, in the same display area where I had found the sage, there were feathers and scented oil.


The girl at the counter was very sweet and helpful. She said you don’t have to do the candle part. Just burning the sage is adequate for removing the negative energy from your home. She said just light the sage torch and go through your house in a clockwise motion, making sure you give the smoke a chance to get into all the floors, ceilings, doors, windows, nooks and crannies. Then when you’re done, fan the smoke out the back door, while asking all the negative energy to leave.


She said the candle part is good if you want to fill the home with your own positive energy. But if you’d rather prospective buyers fill the house with their own positive energy, then don’t do the candle part.


My future ex and I opted to let the future buyers fill the house with their own positive energy.

We asked, what about a ritual? Did we need to say a prayer, chant something? What did she recommend?


She said it’s all what you’re comfortable with. You could say a prayer to whoever for whatever, depending on your faith & comfort level. She also said we could walk through the house and sage it either separately or together. She said the important thing is your intention, that your intention be clear as you walk around, clearing the negative energy.


Good advice.


When we got home, my future ex and I proceeded to sage the house together, but I wasn’t feeling the appropriate positive energy, so I suggested we do it separately.


We completed our separate rituals about an hour ago. The house is still a little smoky, but I believe it feels better! (BTW – the sage torch we chose was white sage blended with cedar – very nice smell!)